Company Profile in Brief

One of the pioneers of the Thai pleasure boatbuilding industry, Pantawee Marine Co., Ltd is a 100% family owned business established in 1986. The company has operated throughout under qualified New Zealand boat builder supervision.

Through the years the company has been involved in several projects, both power and sail, ranging in size from 26’ up to 60’. In 2004 the company purchased 20,000m2 of land (not rented or leased property like most other builders in the region) strategically located near the newly constructed connecting highway running between Pattaya City and Utapao International Airport (an area that is also front and center of the Thai government’s highly touted strategic Eastern Economic Corridor Developments) and took over the construction of the traditional range of Hans Christian Sailing Yachts that same year until production of these famous and well proven sea worthy classics (that were first introduced to the world market in the late 1970’s) was discontinued in 2015 due to rapidly changing market trends towards new-age designs and composite construction methods.

Fast forward to the present as the company has evolved into building professionally designed multi-hulls, both power and sail, utilizing composite construction.

The transition from building world renowned traditional ocean-going heavy displacement sailing yachts to an all new specialized custom multi-hull product line on a limited production basis is now in full swing!